Christmas came early!

Christmas came early! My morning hospital rounds were gloriously interrupted by the delivery of this beautiful new pediatric scale. It was completely unexpected and just what we needed for the child malnutrition program!

I’m also excited to announce that we’ve hired Cecilia as our new nutrition program assistant.


Ceci reading to a young patient

“Ceci” is a talented young Tarahumara woman who is training to be a teacher. She is passionate about teaching health and nutrition topics to the families at our hospital. Ceci will also assist in mixing formulas for malnourished kids, and will provide follow-up visits to remote villages when patients are discharged.

We’re needing to raise $100 per month to help cover her salary. If you’d like to get involved with this project, you can give online at, scroll to the bottom and type “Bustinza” under “support a missionary doctor.”

Thank you!

The Bustinzas

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