Light and Literacy in Wepo

Our Tarahumara language class went full immersion this weekend as we joined my parents on a trip to a rural village called Wepo. My mom and dad faithfully make the 5 hour trip every Saturday to offer literacy classes and support a thriving group of Tarahumara believers. Far from any paved roads, the people of Wepo live in extreme poverty, without electricity or running water. Virtually all of the adults have never had the opportunity to attend school. They are so excited to be reading and writing in their own language. You can hear some of this unique language in the video below:



Students in literacy class

Recently, my dad has been sharing MP3 players with Christian songs and Bible stories recorded in Tarahumara. Word about these materials is spreading like wildfire in the Sierra and he can hardly keep up with the demand. The people are eager to trade hand-made baskets, wooden carvings, and ground cornmeal for the MP3 players (we are using the cornmeal in our hospital malnutrition program.)


Tarahumara believers with their MP3 players

Please pray for this growing church. This weekend they slaughtered a cow (a rare event) in preparation for an all-night gathering, with Tarahumara Christians arriving from neighboring villages to celebrate. In the midst of such poverty, never have I seen brighter and more joyful faces as they shared about what God has done in their lives.

Mateteraba! Thank you!



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