Introducing Baby Emily Joy!

Willy and I want to share some happy news. Our baby Emily Joy was born on September 9th and she’s perfect!

You may recall that in late June I was diagnosed with vasa previa, a rare pregnancy complication that placed me and baby Emily at risk for bleeding. That unexpected news prompted our family’s relocation to the United States for specialty OB care not available in our region of Mexico. I was hospitalized for ten days prior to my c-section for close fetal monitoring. Because vasa previa is so uncommon, my ultrasound images were submitted to a research study and I was visited by quite a few inquisitive medical and nursing students. A good number of vasa previa cases are delivered by c-section at 34 weeks, but I was thankful to have made it to 36 weeks.

The moment of the first incision was somewhat suspenseful, but Willy and I felt a deeper joy and peace. Thankfully, I had a fantastic surgical team caring for me and the c-section went smoothly. Baby Emily made her appearance at 9:51 am: pink, crying and weighing a solid 6 pounds. We praise God that she didn’t require respiratory support or admission to the neonatal ICU. Since getting home, Emily is feeding well and is already sporting tiny thigh rolls which we’re thrilled about! I’m also feeling better every day (thanks to great care from my personal surgeon.)

“Joy” has been our anchoring word during a challenging year that included losing our dear colleague Dr. Pedro to COVID, my miscarriage, the vasa previa diagnosis and our family’s transition out of Mexico. Joy is a by-product of leaning on God through all of life’s ups and downs, whether in moments of celebration or heartbreak. Holding Emily now is a fresh reminder of the Joy we have!

Left: Caroline digs deep into her new found love- Dunkin’ Donut bags. Right: The girls enjoy a movie in their “Sabbath tent.”

Aside from changing a multitude of tiny diapers, our family continues to transition to our new life in the United States. Willy will be doing surgical locums work as he searches for a job closer to home. We’re currently living with my parents and making arrangements for permanent housing. Despite living in relative limbo, God has provided in amazing ways and we’ve experienced many moments of stillness, rest and joy as a family. We started a weekly “sabbath” celebration that involves visiting IHOP for pancakes, setting up a camping tent for the girls in the living room and watching a Hallmark movie together. Willy and I are thankful to have found a great missions-minded church community. Lucy is loving preschool and is inviting all her new friends to visit Mexico!

We want to thank those of you who gave or are currently giving to support us. Your generosity has helped cover our living and medical expenses during this time of transition and it’s made all the difference for our family! We also want to give a special shout out to our sending organization Christian Health Service Corps for their incredible support as we transition back to the United States.

Good news from Mexico continues to fill us with hope for the future of Hospital Misión Tarahumara. The pediatric ward has been full of children in recovery from severe malnutrition. These patients continue to benefit from medical and nutritional supplies purchased by your donations through CHSC- thank you!

“Lupita”, a 2 year Tarahumara girl who arrived (left) with swelling due to a form of severe malnutrition called Kwashiokor. Shown right, Lupita beams several weeks into recovery thanks to the excellent care she is receiving at the mission hospital.

We are excited for new opportunities to encourage others to engage in medical missions. In February, Willy and I have been invited to speak about missionary surgery and pediatric malnutrition at the Mobilizing Medical Missions conference in Houston. Our family also plans to return to Mexico in the summer of 2022 for a medical education trip focusing on equipping the staff with advanced life support and bedside ultrasound skills. Stay tuned to hear more about that project and ways to help the Tarahumara people of Mexico!

        We would love to know how we can be praying for you and your family! May the joy and peace that only God can bring fill your hearts and homes this year.

Love, The Bustinzas
Willy, Jessee, Lucy, Caroline and Emily Joy

4 thoughts on “Introducing Baby Emily Joy!

  1. I am so very thankful that Emily Joy has arrived safely and that both Jesse and she are doing well. God Bless you and Keep you safe.


  2. Hello Willy, Jessee, and Family,

    It is good to hear from you and see pictures of Emily and that you are thinking on heavenly things.

    We are now living in Rogers, AR near our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter Emsley (close to Emily). Sharon’s mother also lives hear and experienced a stroke one week ago, so Sharon was able to take care of her hospitalization and rehab. Pray for her recovery.

    Pray that we will find the right church where to serve. I was able to go to Sturgis, SD in August on a mission trip and we had over 100 make a commitment to Jesus. Pray for our youngest son Justin in CO, that he will find the right job and the woman to make him complete. He is a blessing to us, as well as our family here.

    In Christ,

    Bill & Sharon Meek 1708 So. Anthony Dr, Rogers, AR

    Dr. Bill Meek 918.565.8780


    1. Hi Dr. Meek, it’s great to from you and more about this new season in your family’s lives. We’re so sorry to hear the difficult news about Sharon’s mom. We will be praying for her recovery, as well for Justin’s life and that God would direct you to the right church home in Rogers. There’s no doubt that the community will be tremendously blessed by having your family there. Greetings to all especially little Emsley!


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