Meet Baby Lucy!

Meet Lucia Anne Bustinza- born on October 7th, 2017. Lucy will be a 5th generation missionary to Mexico, and she’s excited to be joining her grandparents Andy and Deb Kramer, uncle and aunt Eric and Sheena Kramer, and cousins Lilli and Greyson at the mission hospital in Samachique. Lucy will be 9 months old when we head out for her big adventure (just 3 months older than Jessee was when she first left for the mission field to Peru!)

Lucy’s most precious possession is a reindeer binkie named “Wub.” It’s been a pretty good life in Tulsa, though little does she realize the joys that await her in Mexico- playing with her cousins and the other missionary kids, raising her own chicken, getting doted on by lots of adoptive aunts and uncles, helping mom make the littlest Tarahumara patients feel better, and sampling all of the great Mexican snacks as she grows up. For anyone who’s been south of the border you know what we mean: luscious ice-creams from La Michoacana, succulent chocolates and pastries, and “Takis”- those spicy chili corn chips that are currently all the rage.

We’re so thankful and proud to be Lucy’s parents, as we feel she’s God’s special gift to us. Lucy means “Bearer of Light.” We believe that God will use her life to shine His bright light in dark places. And you can tell she’s pretty excited about it! Here’s a shot of Lucy beaming for her recent passport picture… Oh, the places you’ll go baby!

lucy passport



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