Welcome to Hospital Misión Tarahumara

Hospital Misión Tarahumara (HMT) was founded in 1998 in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico. The hospital provides desperately needed medical services to more than 180 surrounding indigenous communities. Patients may travel on foot across the rugged mountain terrain for days, or be carried on makeshift stretchers to receive health services at HMT.

carry patient

The hospital includes outpatient exam rooms, adult and pediatric medical wards, a lab, x-ray services and two surgical suites. Forty physicians, nurses and support personnel (both from the United States and Mexico) work as a team to provide compassionate, quality medical care to the Tarahumara. The hospital also maintains two ambulances to transport patients from remote villages, and partners with United Indian Missions to fly critically ill patients out to larger medical facilities.

peds ward

plane pic

The Tarahumara are one of the few tribal groups in the world that have no system of native midwives to help women in childbirth.  This contributes to very high rates of maternal and infant mortality. The Birthing Center located at HMT was built with the purpose of providing a safe and compassionate place for Tarahumara women to deliver their babies.

baby pic

Most importantly, Hospital Misión Tarahumara exists to glorify Jesus Christ among the peoples of the Sierra Madre, and to offer patients the hope of a new life found in Christ. The hospital staff gathers each morning for Bible reading and worship, then prays with each patient. Though the Tarahumara people come to the hospital seeking physical healing, many have received a deeper inner healing through an encounter with Christ.


For more information about Mexico Medical Missions, click here

The following video, from http://www.mexicomedical.org, provides an excellent overview of Hospital Misión Tarahumara.





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